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Feed the family, or just yourself – we won’t judge. No matter what, we always keep the good times rolling.

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Full Service Family Pack

BBQ Sandwiches

All served on a standard bun and topped with onion, B&B pickle & Tennessee Whisky BBQ sauce.

Pork Sandwich

$ 6.95

Extra pork, add $1.00/ounce.

Chicken Sandwich

$ 6.95

Extra chicken, add $1.00/ounce.

Barbacoa Beef Sandwich

$ 7.95

Brisket Sandwich

$ 8.95

Extra brisket, add $1.50/ounce.


Includes 12 inch flour tortilla, meat, chili, beans, cilantro rice, lettuce, ched shred, pico & sour cream with side of chipotle ranch(optional).

Pork Burrito

$ 7.95

Chicken Burrito

$ 7.95

Barbacoa Beef Buritto

$ 8.95

Brisket Buritto

$ 9.95


Includes tortilla chips, nacho cheese sauce, meat, diced onion, diced tomato
and jalapeño.

Pork Nacho

$ 10.95

Chicken Nacho

$ 10.95

Barbacoa Beef Nacho

$ 11.95

Brisket Nacho

$ 12.95

BBQ Plates

Includes onion, B&B pickle, jalapeño, dinner roll, Tennessee Whisky BBQ sauce, your choice of 2 sides.

Pork Plate

$ 11.95

Chicken Plate

$ 11.95

Barbacoa Beef Plate

$ 12.95

Brisket Plate

$ 13.50

1/2 Rib Plate

starting at $ 14.95
Ribs Meal

The Sides

Mac and Cheese

Iron Skillet Baked Beans

$ 2.50

Yo' Mama's Mac & Cheese

$ 2.50

Creamy Southern Slaw

$ 2.50

Peepaw's Chili Beans

$ 2.50

Chips and Queso

$ 2.50

BBQ Per Pound

Pulled Pork

$ 13.95/lb

Pulled Chicken

$ 13.95/lb

Barbacoa Beef

$ 16.95/lb

Sliced Brisket

$ 22.95/lb


Sweet Tea

$ 2.50

Unsweet Tea

$ 2.50


$ 2.50
$10 Lunch Special

Your Choice of Pork or Chicken BBQ on a standard bun and topped with onion, B&B pickle & Tennessee Whiskey BBQ sauce, a side of your choice, and a drink. Extra pork or chicken, add $1.00/ounce. Extra brisket, add $1.50/ounce.



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